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Photos 2

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smile winter 96.jpg (17519 bytes)

Winter 1996

smile 2 winter 96.jpg (24818 bytes)

Winter 1996

piano recital.jpg (32721 bytes)

First  Piano

at the cottage.jpg (23678 bytes)

Fun at the

cool shades.jpg (14413 bytes)

Cool Shades

3 of us.jpg (21013 bytes)

3 of us

me and coco.jpg (24903 bytes)

Me with Coco

Bonnet and me.jpg (23147 bytes)

Bonnet and me

wpe1.jpg (33665 bytes)

built by me and Mommy
February 2003

wpe8.jpg (31052 bytes)

Snowcat built by me
February 2003

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