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Charlotte's Web  

Art Page 1

Click on the little pictures to see bigger pictures.

C's drawing of Loving Family2.jpg (45326 bytes)

This is my drawing of a loving family.

Peace Drawing.jpg (89473 bytes)

This is a picture I created in KidPix.

bonnet.jpg (41886 bytes)


cool pic.jpg (52210 bytes)

Cool Picture

hippies.jpg (84737 bytes)

My Crazy Hippie Picture
Dec. 2002

the rock stars.jpg (120434 bytes)

This is my drawing of a crazy rock star.
Dec. 2002

Peter Gabriel Rocks.jpg (71971 bytes)

Peter Gabriel Rocks!
September 2002

cats.jpg (41226 bytes)



Paul and Ringgo.jpg (29081 bytes)

Paul and Ringo.
These are the only Beatles who are still alive.
December 2002

crazy zig-zags and pictures.jpg (81287 bytes)

Crazy Zig-Zags and Pictures.


Princesses.jpg (26514 bytes)


the beatles.jpg (43658 bytes)

The Beatles
December 2002

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