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Photos 1 

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Paul & Charlotte.jpg (38650 bytes)

This is me and my dad dancing.

leona & Charlotte birthday pic.jpg (63207 bytes)

Mommy and me at my 4th birthday party.

wpe11.gif (50944 bytes)

My mom and her dad when she was little.

Charlotte at Marnie's.jpg (48003 bytes)

Me at my piano teacher's house when I was 7.

gabriel.jpg (25489 bytes)

This is Peter Gabriel singing at his 'Up' concert in Toronto on Dec. 3, 2002.

wpe1.jpg (15229 bytes)

This is me and my dad when I was in grade one.

Ballet June 2001.jpg (38481 bytes)

Ballet Recital
June 2001

ballet recital2.jpg (38266 bytes)

daddy and me at ballet recital.jpg (26474 bytes)

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