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Charlotte's Web  

The Egyptian of the Dark Cave

by Charlotte 

Chapter One

Once upon a time there was a nine year-old Jack and Annie was a seven year-old. It all started in this story when Jack opened a book and just pointed at the place that he wanted to go to.

Then the tree house started to spin and spin. Then it was absolutely still. Annie peeked out the window. Annie gasped, "Holy."

Jack peeked out also. "Where are we?" asked Jack. "Letís check the book", Jack suggested. "Iím not sure", replied Annie. "Oh, come one," pleaded Jack. "Letís just check the book. I think we are in an Egyptian place, Annie.""Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!", screamed Annie.

So they checked the book and saw Egyptian people and Egyptian cats. They checked the map, too, and they were right.

Chapter Two

So they were minding their own business when along came a mummy. Jack yelled, "Letís get out of here. Sooner or later they had to find a way out. I myself thought they would be scared of the mummy. All of a sudden they were not watching where they were going. Annie fell down in a Egyptian hole. "Jack, help me please! I think I just fell into an Egyptian hole!

"Stay there. Iíll try to get a net or rope," said Jack. But before Jack could get a net, it was too late. A black panther came out in the Egyptian of the dark cave.

Chapter Three

"Aaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Jack screamed. "A black panther is near me. Iím coming Annie. "Well get me out of here."

Jack grabbed on Annieís yellow jacket. "You need to get me out of the cave, OK?" said Annie. "OK."

"Now that I have saved you, donít you remember the old lady at sundown?"

"Jack, now is the time to save the old lady. Besides, you said, OK OK OK OK OK OK."

"Come one Jack. Now that I am saved, letís get out of here." Annie said. "What a great idea."

"Remember the old lady," Annie said.

"Oh, yes. We have to save her life or she will die. We wouldnít want her to die. We have to find that old lady."

Chapter Four

They finally reached the cave and they found the ruby red crystal. Can you believe what they saw? They saw the ruby red crystal. Then they took theruby red crystal out of the cave. "Now, letís find that old lady," said Jack.Then they found her. "Oh, thank you so much," said the old lady.

"Youíre welcome," said Jack and Annie.Chapter Five

Then they finally reached it home. "Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad," said Annie.

"You have another day tomorrow," said Annieís mom. "Where is Jack?"

"I donít know," said Annie. Ding-dong.

"Hello," said Jack.

"Jack!" said Annie.

"Annie!" Youíre home.

"Youíve got another day tomorrow," said Jack and Annieís mom.

"Good-night Mom. Good-night Dad."

"Good-night kids."