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CD Review of . . .

Peter Gabriel

I like Peter Gabriel because he makes wonderful music and it's cool and loud and soft sometimes. He has made a CD called US and it was his third CD. I like it and his new CD called UP. On Us, I like Sledgehammer and I like all the other songs. My favourite song on UP is Growing Up.

One day in Toronto, I went there to visit my Aunt Lisa, and on that we there. Then my parents went to the apartment where my Aunt lives, and they quickly got a pizza. Then they left to go see Peter Gabriel's new UP concert, and just I and my Aunt were at her place. My parents took a taxi on that night and when they got there they sat down and it was cool because they were allowed to eat and drink at the show. 

They said the show was great! They described some of the things he did, so I drew some pictures to illustrate his show. Click here to see my pictures.

In the morning, I saw the T-shirt that my parents bought at the show. It is cool!. 

Pete Gabriel  Rocks !!!!!!

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