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CD Review of . . .

John Sheard


My favourite CD is called Jerusalem, and the person who is playing the piano on it is John Sheard. It's his CD. I like the songs because they are soft and peaceful. I play piano, too. On the CD, the songs John plays are:

1.  Jerusalem
2.  Lulu's Back in Town
3.  In the Bleak Midwinter
4.  Los Desaparecidos
5.  Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo
6.  L'Amanacer
7.  Divinum Mysterium
8.  Sentimental Peregrination
9.  Crepuscule
10. Fur Anna Kristina
11. La Cressoniere
12. Cafe Azzurro

I think you should buy John's CD, because it is beautiful music, and it is nice to listen to at night because it is quiet.

                              John Sheard Rules ! ! !

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